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How he turned a creative painter and one of his press release

His childhood and  turning into a  budding creative painter –
“It was a childhood with full  of dreams in his innocent  eyes that has spent  in watching the potters  and the Idol makers in his locality that how magically a simple lump of clay is turning into an Idol of God  or a Magnificent Pot . His innocent mind  spent days  in watching this magical  happening of art Nouveau. It continued relentlessly despite a havoc whoop of his parents. His absorbent mind couldn’t even tantalize  when his childhood  busy schedule for  Fishing in the  farm house pond, Flying kite in the field has come to an end  and replaced with making replicas of all of them he had been watching all along  and bloomed into a budding Artist from little to a little tougher.  He kept on practicing all replicas that he has so observed  but had been failing  to manifest the livelihood in them like the professionals experts he had been watching all day along . His failure  of manifestation drove him  to exercise and  execute a heaping number of replicas Gods’s Idols .  How many lumps of clay  he has  wasted , how many sheets of paper he has torn in making  toward the perfection  of Art and creation he possibly could not estimated.  How many hours , how many months he spent,  hopefully the time itself have kept a record. And this has lacerated, ruptured, saddened , humiliated , drowned  childishly novice  Sourajata’s adolescent mind  but the glory of creation and the freedom of expression  maddened him. He kept on creating and  kept on doing new ideas , new God’s idols.  Thus, the play of creativity, freedom of expression , overwhelming  joy, gently  reaching to exuberance of art practice   has occupied an unfathomed  determination over his entire body and mind to make  Art practice ” A LIFE TIME CAREER ” he then grown up  to a teen aged boy…
Admission to Art College –
The day came in 1990, he has gotten admitted in Govt. College of Art , Kolkata, under University of Calcutta,  in Fine  Art Painting. and Graduated in 1995.  The European masters – Da Vince, Buonaroti, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rodin,Van Gogh, has taught and a lot more Indian masters over the books in library taught   him more than his art college professors taught him. The pain, joyfulness, skill  of depiction,language of expression , ecstasy  page after page in all  those master’s  creation and the biography of them has catered him the best lesson of  what is the art education and what is  the determination you need to be an artist as a whole.

About Sourajata’s work as a creative painter –
His Works are “Dynamism”. His works – are theatrical and a fathomless presentation of dynamism. Although he does not believe in any ism or intentionally paint in that so. But it portrays his style of work in this manner only. His slogan – MY WORKS ARE DYNAMISM.  That his life is full of frictions  and he has always given an utmost try to overcome them. And whenever the challenges  have repeatedly appeared in his life he has always treated them like ever before. The slogan of his life also “Not to leave unless you reach the point”. It might take a number of failures, may be a thousand or more even more and more. He keeps on and keeps on doing unless he reaches that or get that. So, he paints that only. Initially it resembles a presentation being influenced by European Surrealism but substantially that does not replicate.

The colours he uses are very vibrant and the form he selects are very masculine which is the positive energy source for the manifestation . The subject he takes is having a mystical and classical memories and stature. Consciously  he has never painted pathos as he believe it dividends nothing in return but leaves only a heavy heart. In his very recent works mysticism and the wholesomeness of the cosmos has come consciously or unconsciously. In many of his works a theatrical spot light has been noticed, used on a multiple objects projected from a multiple sources for creating a mesmerizing visual scenic beauty. In some of his works we can observe use of anti perspective law of nature portrayed with bold black and grey lines.
His expounding artistic strength and exuberance was witnessed from the very beginning of his artistic career through a  several multiple leading shows with the ace painters, he has participated and left a very significant mark there. He has exhibited his works in Italy, Singapore Australia, China, Malaysia and many more countries and all metro cities of INDIA. There are a number obscure personalities Art Galleries, Museum, top Corporate around the country to admire and collect his works. His works were reviewed in several print and electronic medias. Despite his mastery over painting Sourajata is very passionately creating sculpture, fashion garments, water colour paintings, ceramic potteries also. He is multi special and he believe in ART TOTALITY”