Artist Statement
As an abstract expressionist in this complex world, traditional approaches in creating a piece are often ignored highlighting an eclectic yet minimalist style. By utilizing her artistic strengths, Kyla Balke has discovered her passion throughout this journey. It is her hope to elicit an emotional response within the audience and generate more conversation about social injustice. 

Balke’s inspiration comes from life experience, critical reflection in regards to her work in health being and being witness to ongoing social oppression. Throughout the creation process she is often submerged in a meditative state reflecting on many personal and work life events. The intuitive nature of this expression acts as a sense of release and self care to aid in further resiliency. Her use of unique compositions, balance, and negative space represent the differing perspectives in society and the many gaps in the current systems.

In conversation with Balke she affirms “Much more discussion is needed surrounding the topics of current social injustice such as systemic discrimination, segregation, domestic/workplace violence, mental health, substance use, freedom of choice/speech just to name few. It is my mission to transcend the oppression and create more awareness through the use of mixed media abstract art.”  
Lakehead University, Honours Bachelor of Social Work, 2015                            
Confederation College, Therapeutic Recreation Diploma, 2010
2021    ‘Faded but Beautiful’ Group Exhibition ‘Art of Emotions Gallery’, Toronto ON
2021    ‘Abstract’ Online Group Exhibition ‘Gallery Ring’ – Crystal Award
2021    ‘Purely Primary’ Group Exhibition ‘Van Der Plas Gallery’ New York City, NY
2021    ‘Art for the Soul’ Online Exhibition curated by Laura Iosifescu in London, England
2021    ‘Art for the Soul’ Online charitable auction curated by Laura Iosifescu London, England  
2022    ‘Rebellion’ Group Exhibition ‘Galeria Azur’ Madrid, Spain (forthcoming)
Private Collection, Stony Plain, AB
Private Collection, Thunder Bay, ON
Private Collection, Markham, ON
Private Collection, Wichita, KS