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Tag: Academic approach

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  • Pencils & Comic Books , oil on linen 90×140 cm

    A book shelf marked by a passionate artistic endeavour, left in a pleasant disorder showing the beautiful importance of the coloured pencils having the support of the artistic inspiration from two famous books in graphic novels and cover art illustration. The coffee can is left empty on a side saying … to be continued …

  • Sale! Legionnaire _blue 65x85 cmLegionnaire , oil on canvas 85×65 cm

    Legionnaire , oil on canvas 85×65 cm

    This work is part of a series of bird portraits “Superstars Identities”, following iconic identities resembling superstars of our culture. “Legionnaire” is “Le Coq Franchise” with a simple straight look that brings along an entire francophone cultural movement embracing the planet, giving us the beauty and the joy of the “unexpected”.

  • Sale! 13 Roses-130x70cm13 Roses , oil on canvas 130×80 cm

    13 Roses , oil on canvas 130×80 cm

    “13 Roses” 130 x 80 cm oil on linen, is the gift of transformation, when the illusion ends and masks come off, a new emerald light comes to heal the past and the Raven is a friendly guide to the new cycle which is about to begin.