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  • SOLD

    The Way Out is the Way

    oil on canvas of a dark forest with sunlight shining through the trees and showing a way out. It is intended to be menacing but also hopeful.

  • structure4


    Medium Drawing
    Materials Acrylic paint on Canvas
    Size 80.01 x 80.01 cm
    Rarity Unique
    Condition Excellent
    Frame Not included
    Signature Hand-signed by artist

  • Bleu Nuit , oil on linen 90×140 cm

    From the “Memorabilia” series, “Bleu nuit” opens up the sphere of artistic inspiration in the inner world of dreams and creativity, having offered to the viewer the perfect tool kit like pencils and ink for graphic art and the knowledge of it from the concept art of The Star Wars Identities to the beauty of the female characters of Olivia and the majestic style of Alex Ross in the Marvel Univers character art. In all this avalanche of feelings , Bleu Nuit is a specific nuance of an ink that for a graphic and a calligraphy artist is like a beam of light. Of course this cannot be done without the support of a Diet Coke drink and a straw. The technique used is oil on canvas. This is one of my favorite compositions from this series, not only having (in my opinion) some of the best books for artistic inspiration in the background but also having the display of those beautifully designed pencils for tone and color correction necessary for every graphic artist in his work process. The finishing coat is WINSOR & NEWTON gloss varnish.

  • Sale! Qua Patet OrbisQua Patet Orbis , oil on canvas 85×65 cm

    Qua Patet Orbis , oil on canvas 85×65 cm

    The work is part of the series of bird portraits “Superstars Identities”, the story continues with the iconic image of a hero or an explorer (“To Infinity and Beyond!”) inspired by Disney’s series Toy Story and the classic image of space astronauts advertised in the 80’s.

  • Evolution

    40*40*1,6 cm. Acrylic on canvas, 2021

  • Sale! The Empire of CandourThe Empire of candor , oil on linen 180x100x4 cm

    The Empire of candor , oil on linen 180x100x4 cm

    “The Empire of Candour” -This metaphor mirrors human society through the eyes and personalities of these wonderful pigeons. Being drawn into this fantasy world, the story gradually unfolds as the viewer relates to each character, generating within us the understanding that when the world is hurt and broken, salvation always comes through Love and Candour.

  • The two cypresses

    This lady is holding a wicker basket with the masks of the Italian commedia dell’arte inside, she is in an Italian landscape, the wind makes the yellow curtains move forcefully

  • I have a dream

    Questa è una scena teatrale, una signora suona un flauto, le bolle escono dallo strumento.
    Un Pulcinella, maschera tradizionale della commedia dell’arte italiana, vede le bollicine e ne rimane incantato.
    L’intera scena si svolge su un molo e la vendita muove prepotentemente le tende.

  • Gathering

    Artist Name: Fatin Rahmouni
    Title of Artwork: Gathering
    Medium: Markers
    Size unstretched: 150x160cm
    Size stretched: 140x160cm
    Year: 2020

  • Grapefruit-Flavour

    Artist Name: Fatin Rahmouni
    Title of Artwork: Grapefruit-Flavour
    Medium: Markers, Spray Paint
    Size unstretched: 160x198cm
    Size stretched: 150x190cm
    Year: 2021

  • Sign

    Mihaela panaitescu
    Acrylic on canvas