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Tracy Whiteside
Tracy Whiteside

Tracy Whiteside

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  • Tracy Whiteside is an award-winning, Chicago-area photographer specializing in fantasy and dark art. Her work has been published internationally in fashion, literature, and fine art books and magazines. Exhibited in galleries worldwide, Tracy is inspired by the darkness in our souls and the need to escape it. Most of her creations are based on women's issues and mental wellness.

Artist Statement

A photographer since 2004, it has only been in the last 5 years that I have really delved into fine art. I have worked in the fashion and horticulture industries, taught musical theatre, owned a talent agency, all of which have brought me to this point.

Creative photography allows us to “sightsee” the ideas that frighten or intrigue us. This type of art awakens a part of our imagination that is rarely engaged. Exploring other worlds develops our creative problem-solving skills and our analytical abilities.

I create nightmare-inspired art for women’s mental health and healing. There is great comfort in knowing that we are not alone. Belonging is a basic human need. To be accepted for who we are includes the creepy thoughts, the sadness, depression, distress, or shame.

The fantasy-influenced art I make is a means of emotional escape from that darkness. We all need flights of fancy, daydreams, and illusions as relief. This helps us cope with life’s hardships. Let’s restore ourselves.