No, you can sell with us for free – there are no hidden fees.

We will take 45% commission on sales.

You can have your work platformed to a global market of buyers. An online presence in this way will boost your visibility and subsequently boost your sales.

To be available for sale on our website, works must be priced at a minimum of £200 (not including shipping). To be considered for sale on Artsy or any of our other partnered websites, works must be priced at a minimum of £500

Our registration process is currently operating manually. Temporarily, these will be the steps to opening an account with

  • Fill out the form on the selling opportunity page
  • If you fit our criteria of selection, we will send you a link to open an account with us.
  • You can then build your account and start selling your work!

We are interested in artists who have demonstrable talent and a signature style, as we will only platform art that upholds the stellar reputation we have as a gallery. Artists who place social justice at the core of their practice; whose creativity comes from a cause that they are dedicated to is of equal importance to us, as we also work as an arts organisation, using art to benefit our wider world.