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Alan Lacke

The fundamental aspect of Alan Lacke research is the relationship between humans and nature. The artist analyses the macro-world understood as the space that surrounds us and that we can perceive. In the same way, he does with the micro-world, that is what is around us but that we are not able to observe, such as the molecules that make up the objects. The result is the elementary figure of the circle, recurrent in all his works, sometimes reproduced with extreme precision, other times instead free and spontaneous, at the mercy of the fluidity of the acrylic used by the artist. The circle unites both worlds mentioned above and can bring the human being back to a primordial condition, automatically back to the concept of birth and origin. The spectators can feel the equality and at the same time impotence, in front of the objective finding that everything around us is reduced to being a “circle within infinite circles”. Just like the atom, the smallest of the particles that constitute reality, it is inside a larger circle, the one traced by the sphericity of the Earth, the supreme house of the human being. The art of Alan Lacke “suppress barriers, differences, limits and creates a universal language that leads the viewer to a silent contemplation, which conveys an almost mystical and globalized feeling of seeing the world.”