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Building an Ark from plastic bottles to Save the Planet

I am feeling positive and proud to announce that I have secured a bit of funding from both the NCIL and Barking and Dagenham Council to initiate a project that will be the first of its kind: Noah`s Ark.

I have always been inspired to make a difference in the world and so I wanted my project to piece together the things I have always strived for, in my personal and professional life: to use the resources I have to create something more extraordinary. In my own art, I have made my own machinery to reimagine my materials and mediums. Now, Noah’s Ark is being built with the mission to save the planet, by encouraging recycling and upcycling. Noah’s Ark is more than just an environmental project; we are promoting solidarity and inclusivity in our society.

If you would like to support my striving to make the most beautiful ark sculpture in the world, please consider donating.