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MODArt Marcela Olivia Dorantes and Quantum Physics

My quantum paintings are inspired by the theories of quantum physics and the work of Kandinsky. They explore the idea of energy and its relationship to color, form, and movement. Through my process I strive to create pieces that evoke a sense of mystery and beauty through the use of unexpected color combinations, abstract shapes, and dynamic compositions. By combining elements from both science and art I hope to achieve a unique aesthetic that speaks to both audiences.

Quantum physics was once thought to be the most complex and difficult to understand part of physics. It is now known that the ocean is even more complex than quantum physics.

The ocean is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena in the world, but it still remains difficult for us to understand. One reason for this is that it is difficult for us to understand what we are observing and how we are observing it. The same goes for quantum physics.

The study of quantum physics has led scientists to discover some interesting things about the structure of matter and energy at very small scales (like atoms or molecules). They have also discovered some amazing results regarding how things work at very large scales (like planets or galaxies). But even though these may seem like very different scales, they actually operate on similar principles: both are made up of compounds and compounds make up larger structures which in turn give rise to still larger structures.

While it seems like there should be an enormous difference between these two scales, there really isn’t any difference when you think about it closely enough: they both operate on similar principles despite their different sizes!

 I use the ocean as a metaphor to explore the concept of quantum entanglement and its implications on our lives. My paintings are an attempt to capture the beauty of this phenomena and how it can be applied to our everyday lives.

 My paintings are a combination of these three elements, my paintings entail, research, intuition, spiritual awakening to create a unique blend of color and texture that speaks to my own creative process. Through my paintings, I’m able to explore the boundaries between science and art, creating pieces that capture the beauty of both worlds.