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Calling all crafters, makers, and artists!

The renowned Laura I. Art Gallery, a not-for-profit organization in London, is excited to announce a new challenge for all creatives. We are seeking a talented individual, or perhaps more, to masterfully recreate our beloved mascot as a captivating toy using various materials and of different sizes. These unique toys will be sold as part of our highly acclaimed environmental project, Noah’s Ark and via our online store, and BD Chamber of Commerce Christmas Market. Whether you excel in sculpting with resin, bronze, metal, plaster, Plasticine, or any other sculpture material, or if you have a passion for stitching, crocheting, and knitting, this opportunity is tailor-made for you.

We cordially invite you to bring to life the adorable toy rendition of our beloved mascot, Noah, the Planet!
This toy will be offered as a merchandise product, and we give you complete freedom to determine its size, whether it’s a compact key ring or a larger cuddly toy. However, we kindly request that you prioritize the use of recycled materials or any materials readily available in your house or studio. For instance, you may consider repurposing an old sweater for knitting or utilizing donated sculpting materials.

Who is this opportunity for?
This opportunity is perfect for artists and craft makers of all types. Whether you are a professional artist or a stay-at-home mom/dad, this is a great fit for you.

Why should you apply?
By applying, you are opening yourself up to an amazing opportunity to not only create a sustainable job for yourself but also make a positive impact. As part of our environmental project, Noah’s Ark, you will have the chance to raise awareness and combat climate change through your artistic creations. This is a unique chance to contribute to a meaningful cause while pursuing your passion. Don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime.

If your toy is well-received, we offer the opportunity for you to train others to produce our Noah toy in bulk. Payment terms are flexible and can be negotiated based on your preference – you may receive incentives from sales or we can purchase a significant quantity of toys from you. Please note that we will provide further details upon further discussion.

To be considered for our project, please submit an image of the toy you created based on our mascot, Noah. Alternatively, you can bring the toy to our gallery for a better assessment of scale and quality. This will increase your chances of having your toy accepted, as it demonstrates your confidence in undertaking such a significant project. Additionally, we request that you provide the exact cost of materials used, excluding your time. Your time and experience will be valued accordingly, based on the scale of the project if you are chosen to join our team. Feel free to create one or more versions in different sizes.

Please note that we are unable to pay for your toy unless we select you as one of our artists. However, if your toy meets our quality standards, we may consider selling it through our online store and other initiatives and events. Aim to create the best Noah toy possible, and we will handle the sales for you.


 When your toy is ready please complete this form here:

Crucial Note: When crafting the toy, it is essential that it precisely mirrors our Noah character. Any deviations in shape, character, or color are unacceptable. The toy must precisely match our Noah, irrespective of the materials employed. This adherence to our design is mandatory.

Laura is calling artists to participate in our next community project “Inspire Me”.


Calling all artists! The Laura I. Art Gallery is extending a cordial invitation to artists to take part in our upcoming community endeavour titled “Inspire Me”. We encourage talented individuals to craft and submit a single drawing that will be featured in our captivating publication, aptly titled “Inspire Me”. With the kind support from BD Giving, we aim to curate a book that serves as a beaming beacon for young individuals facing adversity. By offering a collection of heartwarming images, our aim is to ignite a spark of motivation and empower these aspiring dreamers to steadfastly pursue their passions, even on the gloomiest of days.

As a key component of our project, we will be donating 100 books to empower young individuals hailing from underrepresented and marginalized communities. These books will serve as a wellspring of inspiration, igniting their creative potential and encouraging personal growth. We extend an earnest invitation to talented artists to join us in this noble endeavour by donating their awe-inspiring drawings, thus bolstering our cause and community projects. As a non-profit organization, every single penny generated from this initiative will be reinvested in creating countless opportunities for budding creatives, as well as developing invaluable programs for those grappling with the profound hardships of isolation and loneliness. Together, let’s catalyse positive change and shape a better tomorrow.

By partnering with our organization, we’ll promote your website alongside a special QR code in our book. The best part is that you get to keep this QR code and use it as you wish. Even better, we’ll cover the cost of this promotion for the entire lifespan of the book. This means you can enjoy ongoing visibility and potential traffic to your website without any financial burden.

By submitting your image to us you will give us the permission to utilize, promote, and sell your drawing as part of our gallery’s book. Rest assured, you will retain full copyright ownership of your artwork and are free to sell the original piece independently without any commission being taken. However, please note that artists will not receive any incentives from book sales.

About the drawing

To ignite a daily dose of motivation, we invite you to create an inspiring masterpiece that resonates with young minds. Your drawing has the power to uplift spirits and instill optimism. It could depict encouraging messages like “you can achieve greatness”, “nurture our planet”, “embrace nature’s love”, “unleash your potential”, or “friends are always there for you”. Digital artwork is preferable for enhanced quality, ensuring your creation stands the test of time. However, if a tablet is unavailable, fear not! A carefully outlined pencil drawing will suffice; just ensure it is clearly visible. Please save your drawing as an NPG or vector file if possible or jpegs in high quality.

Let your creative energy shine and inspire young souls worldwide!

To ensure we receive a comprehensive creative submission, please provide us with two versions of your drawing: one in pencil for a classic touch and the other in vibrant colors for added inspiration. Alongside your artwork, kindly include a succinct quote encapsulating the essence of your drawing in just one sentence.

Why should you apply?

If you’re searching for a remarkable opportunity to showcase and promote your artistic talent while making a positive impact, look no further. By participating in this project, you’ll have the chance to connect with a wider audience who can appreciate and support your art, potentially even purchasing your creations. Just imagine how your drawings could touch someone’s life, bringing a smile, success, or even sparking a transformative change. Sometimes, all it takes is a kind word to make a difference, and you can be that friend to someone. Plus, not only will you take pride in being featured in this incredible book, but you can proudly share the news with your friends, too. The success of your artwork could generate significant interest and increase the likelihood of having your very own book designed. Additionally, by joining us, you’ll be actively helping us reach individuals who are typically difficult to reach or who face various challenges due to poverty or the high cost of living.

Submission Deadline:

Kindly note that we do not impose a strict deadline for the submission of your drawings. We will be accepting drawings that meet our specified standards and criteria on an ongoing basis until we reach our desired number of entries for inclusion in the book. Therefore, it is highly recommended to submit your drawing as early as possible to increase your chances of being included. Remember, the earlier you submit, the greater your opportunity to secure a spot in the book.

Artists, please ensure to submit TWO versions of your drawing: one in black and white for coloring and one already colored. This will aid individuals using the book to find inspiration and guide them in selecting colors. Thank you for your cooperation! 🎨✨ #ArtisticVariety

How to apply?

Please complete and sign the form: