Laura Iosifescu


“As an artist, I find solace in the nostalgia of flowers. Each delicate blossom holds a story, a memory of bygone days. I believe flowers hold a secret to life’s profound beauty. Just like the people I’ve encountered throughout my journey, each individual blossom possesses its own unique charm. However, it is when these enchanting petals intertwine, whispering tales of unity, that they truly become a magnificent garden. In our logo, we deliberately selected a flower with multi-colored petals to symbolize the diversity within our community. By emphasizing this diversity, we aim to convey the idea that true fulfillment arises when individuals choose to be a part of something greater. Much like how flowers bloom best when surrounded by others, we believe that individuals flourish when they embrace the support and companionship of their peers. In essence, our logo reflects the importance of unity and the strength found in a collective group.”

Laura Iosifescu is a professional artist and the director of the Multi-Award-Winning Laura I. Art Gallery in Barking.
With her unique approach to painting and art, Laura has captured the attention of the media and of art collectors from around the globe. The quality and individuality of her work has been appreciated and acknowledged in exhibitions worldwide, most notably in private exhibitions at the British Museum in 2018 and the Saatchi Gallery in London. Her infectious passion for art and for assisting people has been transferred to her work in her local community of Barking; as a result of the impact thereof, she has received multiple awards, including:

  • Diversity Award from UEL Alumni Achievements 2019;
  • Borough Recognition Award 2019 from Barking and Dagenham Council;
  • The prestigious Federation of Small Businesses London Community Award 2018,
  • Barking and Dagenham’s Women’s Empowerment Awards in the ‘Leadership Award – Arts and Culture’ category in 2018;
  • Selected in the Top-100 as one of the most inspirational women in London, as part of the Mayor of London Campaign,“Behind Every Great City”;
  • Community Business Award at the Federation of Small Businesses Awards London 2018;
  • Finalist of the Adversity Business Award at the Federation of Small Businesses Awards London 2018; and
  • Finalist of the Thames Gateway Business Awards.
  • Laura is genuinely one of the most inspirational artists in the UK and a great example of courage, strength and endurance. All of these qualities can be seen through her unique approach to her techniques in painting and sculpture.

The proprietor’s philosophy as head of the gallery is to use her experiences to bring communities together which comes from the path she has walked to arrive at where she now is. On arriving in the United Kingdom she started with nothing. Through perseverance she has developed into the person she is today both personally and professionally. This journey has given her an understanding of how to speak to people in all situations, to connect with them, and ultimately inspire them. She wants to use the platform she has created to give others the same opportunities. 

She is a passionate advocate of new talent and has now worked with in excess of 500 new artists; offering support and advice on how to successfully connect with the public and giving many their first experience of a major exhibition.