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OUR USP: We change the world through art!

The Laura I. Art Gallery represents professional artists from many backgrounds and cultures. By representing a diverse community of artists, we celebrate a variety of talents and so can tailor to collectors from all over the globe. We promote artists whose altruism and commitment to bettering the planet stand out in their chosen practice. We genuinely believe that art shapes the world we live in today and can explore and challenge deep-rooted societal attitudes. We represent talented and driven artists who are conscious of social responsibility within their work and so make great ambassadors in their field.

We want to work with collectors to aid artists' development, and in doing so help the world!

Our Mission:

We are strong believers in the idea that art can inspire positive change in people and communities. As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words – so our mission is to platform artists whose art shows revolutionary passion. By highlighting these artists, we create innovative and accessible routes to art that unites countries and nations everywhere.

We support the creation of a kinder world while taking care of what exists around us. For every individual piece of artwork we sell, we promise to plant a sapling/tree to promote the nurturing of the planet and help grow a sustainable legacy.

We represent professional artists who paint a message!

Today, art can offer so many different meanings to different audiences. It doesn’t have to bear meaning at all: for many, art is decorative, aesthetically pleasing, and colorful. Whatever the reason, art possesses a means of storytelling and thus is the perfect tool to develop social change. Art is a universal language; art is beautiful, art is political, art can express a soul, art can challenge a mind, and we believe it should be accessible to all.


Laura I. Art Gallery was born to spotlight artists who go beyond their studio walls. We exist to offer our platform to collectors who wish to discover magical art and invest in artists who can put their vision into practice. Socially Responsible Company.

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Buying art with a purpose: Laura I. Art Gallery is a Multi-Award Winning social enterprise, which allows casual art lovers and seasoned collectors alike to buy original works in complete security. 

We aim to platform local and international artists, so each purchase helps to make a difference in the world. From abstract canvases, figurative paintings and drawings to street art and graffiti, we offer a multinational body of work covering a broad range of styles and techniques.

Art for Sale Online: Photographs, Paintings and Sculptures can be Purchased with Guaranteed Quality and Ease.

Why buy paintings, sculptures, or photographs from us?
Buying from Laura I. allows you to…


  • Be a philanthropist – By supporting local artists in their career, you are helping them to continue to make an impact in their communities.
  • Be an environmentalist – In partnership with Barking Riverside and Barking and Dagenham Council, we plant a tree for every artwork you buy. Not only are you supporting artists’ careers, but you are also supporting us in cultivating green spaces and promoting planetary healing and growth. The best part: we will name the tree after you! Just like purchasing a star in the sky, you can purchase a tree in your name. This means that the more artworks you buy, the more trees you plant, the bigger your forest grows, the more impactful your gesture will be and themore artists you support.
  • Celebrate diversity with us – We aim to represent artists from all backgrounds and cultures. By buying art from our chosen artists, you support us in creating a more cohesive society.
  • When it comes to world peace, art is a great place to start!
  • Make a great investment – The artists we represent are committed to making a difference in the world. They share our vision to inspire other people and do so with passion and dedication.
  • When you invest in passionate people, you are more likely to have that investment returned. Where there is dedication, their practice becomes sustainable and ergo so does your investment.
  • Pay for it your way – You can buy more than one piece at a time with OWN Art Scheme and pay for it in monthly instalments. Offer available only to UK customers.

Laura I. Art Gallery is an online gallery which celebrates diversity through creativity. 

We aim to bring contemporary art to everyone, from everyone. We believe that investing in the art world in turn inspires the pioneering of inventions as well as cultural and societal progress. By sharing art around the world, we allow people to find pieces they love – whether by an emerging British artist, an established contemporary American painter, or even an underdog street artist on the rise.

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