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Tag: Music

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  • Bowie

    Kateryna Bortsova


    50x70x2 cm



    acrylic, collage on canvas

  • Music

    Original oil painting on canvas with unique collagen elements

    ready to hang

  • Motorhead

    I was given this canvas of Lemy, from Motörhead. And when I got home with this black & white photo print. I decided to put it upon my easel. I then played Lemy & his more famed Motörhead songs. Like “Ace of spades”. Whilst getting acquainted with Lemy and his music, full whack. Started to paint the connection with his music & bring the canvas, to life.

  • Clubscene

    This original acrylic painting. I was once told depicts a young Micheal Jackson & a young David Beckham. At a night club. If you could imagine that was possible, lol.
    It’s truely a painting of some 90’s clubbers from DJ magazine back in the day. caught in-between the strobe.

  • Madonna

    Artist Name: Manuel Gonzalez B. (Mag’z)

    Artwork Name: Madonna

    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Size: 75×60 cm.

    Year: 2021


    Nafiseh Jafary
    Oil painting on canvas
    Dimensions 105×75 cm
    Dimensions of the work alone, without framing: Height 100cm, Width 70cm
    Framing This artwork is framed