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Tag: Silver

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  • No name (big 3)


    Series “Art of Bug”

    Canvas, oil, mixed media, 145x95cm, 2021

    Covered with dammar varnish.

    (without stretcher, shipped on a roll)

  • Office Party , oil on linen 90×140 cm

    From the “Memorabilia” series, which brings objects with emotional energy evoking a feeling or intellectual interest in the viewer relating with this world, “Office Party” is about the joy of a fireworks explosion like display of colored pencils in a glass, under a spotlight like a star on a scene, with a digital art collection book on a graphic artist desk.

  • Sale! Qua Patet OrbisQua Patet Orbis , oil on canvas 85×65 cm

    Qua Patet Orbis , oil on canvas 85×65 cm

    The work is part of the series of bird portraits “Superstars Identities”, the story continues with the iconic image of a hero or an explorer (“To Infinity and Beyond!”) inspired by Disney’s series Toy Story and the classic image of space astronauts advertised in the 80’s.

  • Cosmic Traveling

    Artist Name: Fatin Rahmouni
    Title of Artwork: Cosmic Traveling
    Medium: Markers
    Size: 160x185cm
    Year: 2021

  • ‘Screaming’


    Title reference: Bronski Beat Age of Consent London Records released 1984.

    Two over-sized ceramic donkeys stand braying on top of a blue washed brutalist German WW11 bunker which protrudes from flat monotone babouche yellow, brilliant white and olive green stencilled-like faux foliage amidst a delicate burnt sienna honeycomb-like orange sky.