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Tag: Still Life

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  • Grapes

    Kateryna Bortsova


    70x70x2 cm

    oil on canvas


    with golden oil paint

    ready to hang

  • Chrysanthemums

    Kateryna Bortsova


    50x60x2 cm


    oil on canvas with silver oil paint

    ready to hang


  • Brace! Brace!


    A large 49cm x 69cm acrylic painting inspired by hunting paintings of the 17th century.  ‘Brace! Brace!’ hides a much more violent story, can you follow the clues?


    Categories:All Artworks

    My own rendering of the Death Tarot card, stuffed full of detail, you’ll discover a new secret each time you gaze upon the face of this reaper.

    A3 acrylic and fine liner illustration on 250gsm acid free paper.  Framed dimensions: 45cm x 56cm x 2cm

    All paintings are posted from France, where I’m lucky enough to live, within two working days of purchase.

  • Pot of prosperity

    Original colourful painting on a large canvas. Still life.

    Acrylic on canvas

    120cmx 100cm

  • SOLD


    Categories:All Artworks

    A sarcastic little artwork.  This framed a4 acrylic painting on paper shows what we think of the less than scrupulous goings on of politicians.

  • La fiamma (The flame) Acrylic painting

    Categories:New Artworks

    An a3 acrylic and pencil artwork, part of a series considering death.

    All paintings are posted from France, where I’m lucky enough to live, within two working days of purchase.

  • Oriental still lilfe

    Kateryna Bortsova
    Oriental still life
    60x80x2 cm
    oil on canvas with gold paint

  • Still life with pears

    Kateryna Bortsova
    Still life with pears
    oil on canvas
    50×70 cm

  • Tulips

    Kateryna Bortsova
    acrylic on canvas
    50x70x2 cm
    890 EUR

  • Red Bell Pepper, classic still life

    Artist Name: Marlene Llanes
    Title of Artwork: Red Bell Pepper
    Medium: oil on canvas
    Size: 25.4 x 25.4 cm (10 x10 inches)
    Year: 2023

  • Yellow Edition , oil on linen 100×140 cm

    From the “Memorabilia” series, where objects meaningless to others, come to life with strong feelings conjuring and awakening unseen potentials from the depth of time; comes “Yellow Edition” with a working scene in an art studio with a Red Bull drink and pencil shaves built in a citadel like structure in a small jar, visually leading to the Yellow Edition point of attraction. The arrangement draws the viewer to the symbolic feeling of a Don Quixote chevalier having a pencil sword on a side and a satchel full of pencil shaves of dreams and hopes for new inciting illusionary adventures.

  • Bleu Nuit , oil on linen 90×140 cm

    From the “Memorabilia” series, “Bleu nuit” opens up the sphere of artistic inspiration in the inner world of dreams and creativity, having offered to the viewer the perfect tool kit like pencils and ink for graphic art and the knowledge of it from the concept art of The Star Wars Identities to the beauty of the female characters of Olivia and the majestic style of Alex Ross in the Marvel Univers character art. In all this avalanche of feelings , Bleu Nuit is a specific nuance of an ink that for a graphic and a calligraphy artist is like a beam of light. Of course this cannot be done without the support of a Diet Coke drink and a straw. The technique used is oil on canvas. This is one of my favorite compositions from this series, not only having (in my opinion) some of the best books for artistic inspiration in the background but also having the display of those beautifully designed pencils for tone and color correction necessary for every graphic artist in his work process. The finishing coat is WINSOR & NEWTON gloss varnish.

  • Pencils & Comic Books , oil on linen 90×140 cm

    A book shelf marked by a passionate artistic endeavour, left in a pleasant disorder showing the beautiful importance of the coloured pencils having the support of the artistic inspiration from two famous books in graphic novels and cover art illustration. The coffee can is left empty on a side saying … to be continued …

  • Still life with aubergines

    Artist Name: Vera Doarme
    Title of Artwork: Still life with aubergines
    Medium: oil on canvas board
    Size: 20 x 25,5 cm
    Year: 2022

  • Oranges and Jug

    Artist Name: Vera Doarme
    Title of Artwork: Oranges and Jug
    Medium: oil on canvas board
    Size: 20 x 20 cm
    Year: 2022

  • Multiple Perspectives

    Artist Name: Marlene Llanes
    Title of Artwork: Multiple Perspectives
    Medium: oil on canvas

    Size: 101 x 76 cm (40 x 30 inches)
    Year: 2022

  • Pot of prosperity

    Artists interpretation of the traditional pot of plenty from Sri lankan (Ceylon) which is one of ancient symbols used in architectural elements in the ancient kingdoms of sri lanka. Pun Kalasa (pot of plenty) art is mainly depicted as a figure of flowers on a pot. It’s considered as the sole symbol of prosperity. According to Buddhist culture, a full pot depicts fertility, prosperity and wealth.