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  • L

    Roland Kaiser




    lacquer on brown- colored cardboard. Ready to be  framed.

    50 W x 70 H x 0,1 D cm

  • EDeN

    Roland Kaiser



    Painting/ Collage

    Acrylic- and retouch- color, ink- pencils & foil on corrugated cardboard. Ready to be framed.

    22 (21,8) W x 44,5 H x 0,3 D cm

  • Idealised Landscape 4

    Categories:All Artworks

    ‘Idealised Landscape 4’ by Visionary artist Degard, creates a serene and captivating vista, immersing viewers in a tranquil realm. The painting portrays a peaceful landscape characterized by various shades of beige, blues, and greens. The composition features a few majestic trees standing tall amidst a vast expanse of verdant fields, while cracks in the clouds reveal a sky of striking turquoise above.

  • Idealised Landscape 3

    Categories:All Artworks

    ‘Idealised Landscape 3’ by Visionary artist, Degard, presents a serene and harmonious scene, captivating viewers with its vibrant and captivating colours. The painting unveils a tranquil landscape where various shades of bright greens come alive. Set amidst rolling hills, the composition is adorned with an array of enchanting elements, including deep green trees, bright yellow, pink, and purple flowers.

  • Idealised Landscape 2

    Categories:All Artworks

    Idealised Landscape 2 by Visionary artist, Degard, allows serene and harmonious scenery to unfold before the viewer’s eyes. The painting portrays a tranquil landscape, where vibrant shades of bright greens, pinks, and blues interplay to create a captivating atmosphere. Rolling hills, gently undulating, stretch across the composition, inviting a sense of peaceful exploration.

  • Idealised Landscape 1

    Categories:All Artworks

    Visionary artist, Degard, transports viewers into a paradisiacal realm where nature’s beauty is magnified. The painting showcases a vibrant expanse dominated by vibrant greens and serene shades of blue. Degard has made use of yellow, infusing the scene with warmth, while majestic mountains provide a sublime backdrop in hues of blue and pink. Delicate pink blossoms scattered throughout evoke a sense of purity and joy. This captivating artwork encapsulates a Heavenly haven, inviting observers to immerse themselves in a world of tranquillity and breath-taking beauty.

  • Spirit Portrait of Gustav Keusch

    Categories:Under £500

    Degard’s interpretation of her lost relative Gustav Keusch’s unique aura.

  • Spirit Portrait of Eleonore Phillipsborn

    Categories:Under £500

    Degard’s interpretation of her lost relative Eleonore Rummelsburg’s unique aura

  • The Aura of A Child in a Concentration Camp + Thought Form

    Categories:Under £500

    Degard’s interpretation of the unique aura of a child in a Concentration Camp as well as her perception of their thought form.

  • Spirit Portrait of Margot Rummelsburg

    Categories:Under £500

    Degard’s interpretation of her Great Aunt Margot Rummelsburg’s unique aura.

  • The Aura of Anne Frank

    Categories:New Artworks

    Degard’s interpretation of Anne Frank’s unique aura set against the historical context of The Wailing Wall.

  • Orbital


    Artists Name:  Sue Nicholas.
    Title:                  Orbital
    Medium:           Acrylic on cradleboard
    Size:                   40cm w x 30 cm h x 1.8cm d
    Year:                   2022
    Signed:              Labelled and signed on the back

    This painting has the option of a split battern or command strips to hang flush to wall. It is expertly packaged and wrapped for postage.

  • Or Bit

    Artists Name:  Sue Nicholas
    Title:                  Or Bit
    Medium:          Signed Giclee print on high quality rag paper, edition 20.
    Size:                    A3
    Year:                  2022

    The A3 prints were developed and exhibited for the University of Nottingham Pint of Science exhibition in 2022.  The print will be sent directly from the printer expertly packaged.

  • Orbs

    Artists Name:  Sue Nicholas

    Title:                 Orbs
    Medium:          Giclee print on rag paper.  Edition of 20.

    Size:                  A3

    Year:                  2022

    The print will be sent via post directly from the printer.  Please note the print has only a white border, the black border is background only.


  • Strata Gem

    Artists Name:   Sue Nicholas
    Title:                   Strata Gem

    Medium:           Giclee print on quality rag paper, signed edition of  20.
    Size:                   A3

    Date:                 2022

    The print will be sent expertly packaged direct from the printer.  Please note the print has a white border only, the black is background only.

    Strata Gem is a signed A3 Giclee print on high quality paper. The print area end at the white border but was photographed on a black background which is not included

  • Multiverse

    Artists Name:  Sue Nicholas
    Title:                   Multiverse
    Medium:            Digital print on metal. Unique one of print. Signed on back.
    Size:                     A3
    Date:                    2021
    Postage:              The work will be posted in a rigid presentation box with bubble wrap protection.

  • Unfurled

    Artists Name:  Sue Nicholas
    Title:                  Unfurled
    Medium:           Acrylic on high quality bonded paper, unframed, signed on back.
    Size.                  32w x 24h cm.
    Professionally wrapped in archival cellophane within a rigid presentation box for postage.

  • Sale! The Empire of CandourThe Empire of candor , oil on linen 180x100x4 cm

    The Empire of candor , oil on linen 180x100x4 cm

    ‚ÄúThe Empire of Candour‚ÄĚ -This metaphor mirrors human society through the eyes and personalities of these wonderful pigeons. Being drawn into this fantasy world, the story gradually unfolds as the viewer relates to each character, generating within us the understanding that when the world is hurt and broken, salvation always comes through Love and Candour.

  • The two cypresses

    This lady is holding a wicker basket with the masks of the Italian commedia dell’arte inside, she is in an Italian landscape, the wind makes the yellow curtains move forcefully

  • I have a dream

    Questa è una scena teatrale, una signora suona un flauto, le bolle escono dallo strumento.
    Un Pulcinella, maschera tradizionale della commedia dell’arte italiana, vede le bollicine e ne rimane incantato.
    L’intera scena si svolge su un molo e la vendita muove prepotentemente le tende.

  • Raksha 03

    Size – 76cm x 61cm
    Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.