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1 to 1 Mentoring Surgery- 2 Hours


1 to 1 Mentoring Surgery- 2 Hours

By Laura I. Art Gallery CIC

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    1 to 1 Mentoring Surgery- 2 Hours


    Creative Mentoring Sessions-Unleash Your Artistry Within-Dare to dream, dare to challenge your imagination and dare to discover your limits to what you can achieve!

     Are you passionate about creating art?

    Do you struggle to recognise your unique, authentic creative voice?

    Do you want more confidence, focus and creative freedom?

    Is your dream to turn your energy and skill into a full-time occupation?

    Do you need someone to help show you the way?

    About Laura:

    As a professional artist, Laura Iosifescu has exhibited internationally, with 60% of her works held in private collections. In 2014, Iosifescu created the first dress to be made entirely from acrylic paint and this dress was displayed at Saatchi Gallery and British Museum in special exhibitions. This revolutionary work was renowned by not only the art industry but also the press.

    Since opening her own gallery in 2016, Iosifescu has curated multiple events and exhibitions, all of which have attracted an impressive attendance both in terms of numbers as well as the attendees themselves; respected figures from the industry and beyond. These also gave many emerging artists their first taste of a major exhibition and the opportunity to secure sponsorship. Iosifescu has since been invited as a speaker for creative development events, been nominated for several major business accolades and has also won an impressive array. To name a few, these awards were BDCC’s ‘Innovation & Diversification in the Use of Digital Media’ award (2022), the prestigious FSB’s ‘Community Business of the Year’ award (2018), and the Women Empowerment Awards’, ‘Leadership in Arts and Culture Award’ (2018).

    Having overcome a disadvantaged background, Iosifescu has injected activism into the arts industry on a never-before-seen scale, with a determination to push boundaries not only for her own career, but in order to pave the way for other disadvantaged yet deserving artists.   

    “Art is based on dreams, and as an artist myself I’ve walked the same path as you, balancing my dream with the realities of everyday life and the emotional and physical trials that come from it. However, I am also living proof that they do come true. I came from literally nothing and have seen poverty and violence up close. I’ve been told all of the reasons why I wouldn’t make it and sacrificed everything for my passion. Most importantly I’ve faced the seemingly unbreakable wall of the art industry and made it through.

    Since then I’ve had many international exhibitions to my name in a very short time, before founding my own gallery which in time has helped new artists gain much-needed attention and brought exciting art into the heart of the local community. As a mentor I now help other artists navigate this challenging life-path, combining honest advice, with a genuine passion for seeing them succeed – both creatively and financially. I don’t preach, or tell you what to do with no understanding of who you are, what you want and the challenges you’ve already faced. Instead, I provide someone you can talk to in a straightforward, straight-talking way, without a hint of judgment to share your thoughts, fears and ambitions with. In return I give honest, experienced feedback, support and advice based on my own experience that helps you communicate your unique take on the world to the widest possible audience.

     As well as mentoring artists to help them make their own mark on the art world, I also help local companies by advising them on how to use art to improve their space and increase their standing, using these contacts to help up-and-coming new talent.

    Mentoring Sessions

    My approach to artist mentoring

    Being an artist can be lonely, however, you don’t have to tackle it alone. Whilst friends can be vital, the chance to discuss your work and life with another artist in an honest, non-judgemental way can be hugely rewarding. My own training and background as both a successful artist and gallery owner allows me to see your work and potential from all angles and then offer my own knowledge and expertise to help you become the best artist you can.

    Whether you have an extensive portfolio or not, a review of your existing work can help develop it further – whether by looking at alternative mediums, clarity of composition, how to create a collection, discuss materials, or look at how it relates to the art industry as a whole.

    ​However mentoring doesn’t stop there, I can also offer support and advice on how to organize and market an exhibition, select the right artwork, project management, finding sponsorship and accessing financial resources, dealing with the media and creating opportunities for yourself.

    The Sessions will be held at the gallery or via Zoom.

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