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Amine Naima
Amine Naima

Amine Naima

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  • Multidisciplinary Artist from Morocco, i work and live in my native city SAFI.

Born and raised in Safi - Morocco, in a creative environment, where he was introduced to pottery practice and its aesthetics since his childhood.
This has left a lasting impression on him.
After studying scenography at “Institut spécialisé dans les métiers du cinema” (ISMC) Ouarzazate, he obtained a professional Bachelor’s degree in cinema, audiovisual and mediation at Cadi Ayad University Marrakech.
He has worked as a decorator for music events and interiors, and has also developed a pictorial practice in the pottery arts, as well as a keen interest
in audio-visual media.
Amine NAIMA won the Green Olive art residency Grant for 2022 Fall, and had exhibitions in Morocco, England, USA, Korea and Vietnam.
Curious and interested in learning and mastering new techniques and concepts, Amine still wishes to expand his range of mediums and subjects.

Amine's paintings are inspired by the geometric grammar of his Afro-Berber culture and ancestral endogenous practices.
These abstract patterns inspired by mathematics reflect his state of mind and result from his professional experiences of scenography and staging
of the performing arts.
He also practice meditative painting, the fundamentals of which he learned from traditional pottery artisans.
This multiplicity of subjects and mediums comes from his childhood in Safi, rich in symbols, techniques, and appropriate knowledge
from the master potters of the city.
These reminiscences of his childhood feed and unite the whole of his multidisciplinary practice.

Group exhibitions 2023

- Natural Resonance Festival (Online) – USA.
- Lift the Sky Project – Front Porch Gallery – California – USA.

Group exhibitions 2022

- Juice Box – RuptureXIBIT Gallery, Kingston – London (Online) – United Kingdom.
- TED X in Arabic – Mohammed VI Polythechnic University – Ben Guerir - Morocco.
- PASA Festival 5th Annual Edition – Seoul/Incheon/Hanoi – South Korea & Vietnam..
- ALHAMDU|MUSLIM FUTURISM - Rubenstein Arts Center - Duke University - Durham, NC – USA.
- Ressources - Rencontres Marshan Artistic Salon – Tangier - Morocco.

Group exhibitions 2021

- Young artists exhibition - The Silo Art Gallery – Winchester – United Kingdom.

Publications & Artistic Distinction

- The Transformative Power of Art Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2, Winter 2023.

-Underground Art And Design Online Magazine – November.
-Green Olive Artist Residency Grant. Tetouan – Morocco. October.
-Color & Shape Art Competition – Upward Gallery. Finalist. September.
-The Purposeful Mayonnaise Art Journal Volume 2. Number 2. August