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Anna Ponomarenko
Anna Ponomarenko

Anna Ponomarenko

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  • In my art I love talking about freedom, mood, and inner state. You can see flying seagulls telling about dreams and freedom, the blueness of the expanses and female images in which I myself am reflected.
  • Realize yourself

    This is definitely one of the favorites in this series! When you look at the painting, you can feel the atmosphere of summer, the warmth of the sun’s rays, the sea breeze, and a sense of freedom.

    40×40 in | 100×100 cm

  • Guardian

    Did it happen that on your life path, a random person appeared on time who helped when it was needed? And it’s not about an angel. The destinies and paths of many of us are intertwined with each other by an invisible thread.

    40×40 in | 100×100 cm, artwork is unframed and signed on back.

  • Old memories

    Each of us carries our own baggage of memories and they are leave own imprint on our memory and on our clothes. The energy of some memories is light and airy, while others weigh us down from day to day …

    27,5×27,5 in | 70×70 cm

  • Life stages

    Each of us goes through his own cycle of life.
    And every stage of our time seems to be inscribed in the ether of time and energy. This is a story about the path and the first steps towards the end of our time in the history of life.

    20×28 in | 50×70 cm

  • Beyond the borders

    The human soul is represented as a bird.
    The painting shows that each of us builds borders in our minds.

    27,5×27,5 in | 70×70 cm

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  • Knowledges

    This painting shows how knowledge can fill a person and give new opportunities or inspire to conquer new horizons.

    27,5×27,5 in | 70×70 cm

  • Parallel reality

    The painting displays different realities that a person can get into, depending on the decision made.

    20×40 in | 50×100 cm

  • Unbreakable

    A painting of a free, strong, unbreakable Ukraine. A painting of every woman who has super strength – unconquered and free! It’s about victory and a bright sky. It’s about hoping for a better future.

    26×36 in | 90×66 cm

  • Soul sister

    This is a painting about soul, friendship and love. About connection through time and space.
    Each of us has lost something in these difficult days for Ukraine. Someone has lost a part of himself and soul.

    27×31 in | 120×80 cm

  • Forward to the dream

    A painting about the dreams, happy future and about summer. It was painted almost on one breath – quick, easily and with majestic satisfaction full of love! I already love this painting!