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JC Parente
JC Parente

JC Parente

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  • JC Parente works with painting, sound, sculpture and video, exploring the inner dialogue between the real, the unreal and inner and outer dimensions; exploring notions of perception as a reflection of the desire to be.

JC Parente is a Fine Artist currently working in the United Kingdom.

Throughout his life, he's always been fascinated by nature and the supernatural realms of existence.

Having reached out beyond the limited scope of perception and by mapping that which lies beyond the confines of a solipsistic conditioned mind, he expresses his experiences through art. JC Parente attempts to bring into awareness the existential reality of a higher realm of existence, where a silent and meditative inward state of temporarily overcoming thoughts. His influences are primarily drawn from the concepts of the Colour Field movement. By combining research and creativity with technical ‘making’, combining theory and practice to explore the sublime, JC Parente then translates his abstract insights into mediums of sculpture, painting or video. His art's purpose is to be surrounded by a beauty that pays tribute to nature and life.