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  • Sale! Iryna Calinicenco artPrototype theory

    Prototype theory

    В картине воспринимается уродство, идея антиэстетики постмодернизма или эстетики уродства.
    Полноразмерное полотно – 214 х 71 см.

  • Sale! Birdie-Candyland_acrylic-on-canvas_50Wx50HBirdie Candyland , acrylic on canvas 50×50 cm

    Birdie Candyland , acrylic on canvas 50×50 cm

    A graffiti fantasy with Gouldian finches and a furry pink toy in Candyland with graffiti ambiental shapes executed in spray paint and acrylic on a 50×50 cm deep edge box canvas surface. The theme depicts the joy and happiness of those fragile creatures in a utopic world of candor.

  • Sale! The Box - panelThe Box , acrylic on canvas 80×80 cm

    The Box , acrylic on canvas 80×80 cm

    A quadriptych composition of 4 blue framed paintings of 30×30 cm each. Pop art – street art style, they are acrylic and spray paint on canvas, depicting, in a decorative way, various birds in a graffiti fantasy and surrealistic “world”. The artworks are framed and come ready to hang.

  • Soul sister

    This is a painting about soul, friendship and love. About connection through time and space.
    Each of us has lost something in these difficult days for Ukraine. Someone has lost a part of himself and soul.

    27×31 in | 120×80 cm

  • The Compromise

    Agota Bričkutė

    “The Compromise”

    Acrylic on canvas

    60×60 cm