Tiziana Rasile


Tiziana Rasile is an Italian informal artist who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, in the departments of Painting and Engraving. She has obtained the specialization in Technical Builder in Museum Merchandising. In her artistic career she has participated in numerous Events and International Award. She soon develops interest for abstract art, with a preference for the use of oil techniques. Her research seeks to convey the light in the through the overlap of shades and glazing into chromatic texture and is focused on the possibility of creating a dialogue between scientific and  philosophical reality, artistic and spiritual intuition. In the years 2018/19 she has contributed to the establishment of the Artistic Manifesto ”New Roman Spatialism”. It’s journey starts from the collection “FADES”, where the shape is dematerialized into color, to the other art collections “LACONIC TIME” and “VIBRATIONS“: the light vibrates in the space of the painting and modulates the time. She wrote an art column entitled “Art Dimensions” at the Foressego art International Organization.
Rasile shares with us:

“My work seek for light through chromatic vibrations where the being appears in its ancestral essence. This artist believes in an art that embraces infinity points of view. A brushstroke can be an electron that vibrates, a sound wave, a rhythm of light, water and air together. The time where life flows, simply the soul in search of the uncontaminated…
I approach abstract art after years of research on the synthesis of forms, that over time merged into colour. I love informal art, even if in my works there is always a subject that interacts with the background and the elements of the picture. I try to represent ancestral forms, where the being is conceived in a universal dimension. Everything is related to the elements of nature, time, energy and its vibrations. I prefer the classic technique of oil painting, to have the opportunity to highlight the colour, through shades and transparencies. I love a painting of atmospheric sensation, where the sign is dissolved and everything acquires a fluid aesthetics. The light is very important for me! She looks for light to create chromatic variations and to emphasize the concept of dynamism. The exploration of the movement and brightness is fundamental in all my work and is associated whit studies on philosophy, spirituality and quantum physics. This is because I believe in an art that seeks harmony through an open vision that embraces infinite points of view.”