Launching on 10th May, curated by the Multi – Award Winning Laura I.Art Gallery “All is One. Visions of humans and nature” is a VR showcase of an environmentally conscious series of paintings created by Ola Intu during the COVID pandemic. The artist is looking at the relationship between nature and human beings, inviting us for a journey to seek a connection in the times of globalization, consumerism and environmental crisis.

Can painting help to solve climate change? What is the role of an artist in times of global crisis? What can we all do to take care of the environment around us? These are the key questions that London based artist Ola Intu will try to answer during her debut solo exhibition.

On the occasion of the exhibition, Laura I. Art Gallery has prepared a series of special events, where the cult phrase ‘Think global, act local’ becomes alive. The private view taking place on 13th of May will be marked by a premiere of a short documentary about Intu’s creative process (‘All is one: an artist’s journey’ directed and co-produced by Sebastian Senior) and interactive talk show panel with the artist and her guests. The theme of the panel ‘All is One: Art & climate crisis’ is to open a discussion about art, nature, sustainability, climate change, and ways of tackling it in everyday life. All participants will have the opportunity to hear stories about the paintings, to gain knowledge about finding solutions to locally help the environment and take part in a distinctive project in association with the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. The artist wants to encourage the audience to take part in ‘Great British Spring Clean 2021’ – a cyclical event where people are picking up garbage in local green areas. Every participant of the panel who takes an active part in the Great British Spring Clean will recieve a free limited edition postcard with one of the paintings presented on the exhibition.

Intu’s work is eco-conscious on many levels, starting with the type of material that becomes the surface of her paintings. The artist collects scrapped plywood, wood boards and canvases from dusty sheds, construction site dumpsters, and the streets of London, following the idea that everything can be reused and transformed into an art form. However, she reaches beyond playing only with form and material. Work presented in “All is One” is a storytelling packed with strange forms, colors and lines, translating the voice of the natural world into dreamy visions of the unseen. Using a symbolic language of myths, fairytales and urban legends, Intu explores the idea of relationships by investigating her own emotional world and dealing with a climate crisis anxiety.

The exhibition invites us to reflect on our relationship to the planet we live on and shows us how to be proactive about tackling the environmental issues. We are all part of the natural world, and we can all make a difference.

All is One: Visions of humans and nature will run online from 10-30th May 2021

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