Be prepared to get into the true festive spirit of Christmas as Laura I. Gallery is thrilled to announce its first group exhibition, “Codes of Faith.” Opening on the 10th of December 2016, it is a captivating experience for everyone this winter.

Curated by Laura Iosifescu “Codes of Faith” is a group exhibition displaying artwork on the theme of faith from over 30 of the most exciting contemporary artists right now to rejoice in diversity and celebrate peace and hope. The artists aim to inspire in you a new deeper understanding and closeness to the spiritual essence of yourself. It will awake a yearning within you to discover more. This exhibition will not only change people’s perceptions, but it will also offer up the most intriguing and cutting edge exhibition that you can visit this Christmas.

The aspiration of the exhibition is to stir people into living in synchronisation, with commonalities being embraced and friendship and peace being pushed to the front of people’s minds.  It will celebrate the variety and vibrancy of artistic ideas in regards to faith and mysticism at this special time of year.

“Codes of Faith” examines how artists choose to approach the purposely broad umbrella of spirituality very individually according to their own diverse histories.
Artistic works often serve to speak of the things that many of us find complicated to put into words and so, instantaneously, speak volumes. Most of the art displayed will be curated to provoke a divine reaction and persuade the viewer to inspect the carefully chosen themes around the spiritual power of diversity.

There undoubtedly be countless meanings to take away from this extraordinary exhibition and hopefully the influential images and context will stay with people who have visited for a long time.  By prompting dialogue and encouraging interdisciplinary exploration, “Codes of Faith” will ring in the holiday season in a truly thought-provoking and meaningful extravaganza.

After the successful inauguration of the gallery – which has had visits from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and Darren Rodwell ,the Leader of Barking and Dagenham Borough – the gallery is progressing to another level by hosting one of the most significant art exhibitions in the city this winter.   In a world where division is seemingly increasing, there is a need for more of us to come together to celebrate diversity. One of the early consequences of the recent Brexit vote has been to bring into sharp focus the social and cultural imbalance between people in our communities. This exhibition aims to get you to rejoice in exploring and deepening your relationship with your sacred side and your relationships with others. You will experience ever changing, ever captivating works of art – wondrous creativity married with modern progressive designs that offer you a plethora of joys for the season.

We look forward to welcoming a diverse audience of art collectors, art critics, and anyone in search of something beautiful who feel that they will benefit from the magic of the powerful “Codes of Faith” exhibition. This is an unmissable chance to see creative works of breathtaking quality and astonishing beauty all of which you have never seen anything like this before. For more information about the gallery show and the opening, please contact Laura at

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