November 17 - 16:30


October 5 - 18:30

Are you deeply committed to environmental conservation and eager to contribute to the preservation of our planet? If you’re seeking opportunities to not only expand your knowledge but also actively reduce waste by repurposing old items and plastics, then we have just the solution for you.

Join our eco-creative workshops, where you will be guided to explore novel and inventive techniques to breathe new life into objects you no longer require. By participating in these workshops, you will gain valuable insights and acquire the skills needed to transform unwanted items into something meaningful and sustainable.

About the project:

The renowned Laura I. Art Gallery is teaming up with 10 fantastic local organizations to bring you a series of workshops as part of our popular environmental initiative, Noah Ark.

We’ll be diving into the fascinating world of upcycling while also raising awareness about the pressing climate and environmental challenges that our planet is currently grappling with. Our workshops promise to be truly unique and eye-opening.


Participants of these workshops will have the opportunity to explore innovative ways of using plastic and other discarded materials, discovering their hidden potential and providing them with a new sense of purpose. In addition, attendees will have the chance to visit various venues associated with these remarkable organizations, gaining insights into the inspiring causes they champion and forging connections with the dedicated individuals driving their impactful work within communities. From encountering youth centers and hospices to engaging in other remarkable initiatives advancing environmental sustainability and other significant causes, participants will truly immerse themselves in extraordinary experiences.

One of the main highlights is the presence of Noah the Planet, who is a beloved children’s character. Noah will strive to enlist new eco heroes, known as arktivists, and encourage them to join forces in preserving our natural environment. This unique selling point sets these events apart from others, as Noah’s presence offers an engaging and interactive experience for children and adults alike. By working together, participants can make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to the preservation of our planet. Don’t miss this chance to meet Noah and become an arktivist!

How does it work?

To express your interest in joining our project, we kindly request that you book a ticket through Eventbrite. By doing so, you will be added to our list of passionate individuals interested in becoming eco-warriors. Being on this list grants you exclusive access to updates on our project, including event locations, and invitations to specially organized meetings for our arktivist ambassadors. These meetings offer a unique opportunity to interact with Noah, our project leader. Rest assured, we will keep you informed on all the latest news and developments as we strive to make a positive impact on the environment.

Interested in becoming a planet ambassador and joining Noah in his mission to save the planet? Secure your spot by booking now! As we collaborate with other organizations, our workshops are highly sought-after and spaces fill up quickly. By reserving your place, you will be among the first to receive updates on locations and dates for our events. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of Noah’s Ark journey – book your place now and stay informed! Become an Arktivist (Planet Ambassador) and join Noah in his mission to save the environment. To secure your spot, book now!



Each event delivered by Laura I. Art Gallery offers a unique and diverse experience, as organizations are given the opportunity to select from a wide range of engaging activities. Participants can engage in various activities such as learning the art of repurposing plastic and creating stunning artworks, contributing to litter picking initiatives, tending to gardens, and even visiting London Zoo to witness endangered species that require protection. With such a plethora of incredible options available, each event promises an exciting and rewarding time for all involved. Noah’s Ark Project aims to provide a platform for organizations to partake in meaningful and impactful activities, fostering a sense of environmental consciousness and conservation.

While you’re waiting, make sure to hop over to our website and explore our brand-new page dedicated exclusively to the project! It’s been meticulously designed just for you. There, you’ll uncover countless ways to become an “arktivist” – someone who actively supports our cause. You can even showcase your remarkable work and inspire others to join in on the action! Trust me, it’s an absolute goldmine of inspiration and possibilities. So, don’t waste another second and head over there now. We can’t wait to see the incredible impact you’ll make!

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