Laura I. Gallery is thrilled to announce the official opening of its new exhibition “Now That’s What I Call Art” on the 7th of September from 6.30PM.

       Curated by Laura Iosifescu, it aims to celebrate humanity’s beauty and accomplishments but also to act like a motivational power to those in need of inspiration and hope. This completely unique exhibition ties into current affairs around humanity’s shifts and movements to give an exciting insight into society’s achievements, dreams, and aspirations. Those visiting will come away with a sense of uplifting positivity and belief.

                 A group exhibition, “Now That’s What I Call Art” celebrates art and honours the finest qualities of humanity and encourages hope for the future. 30 professional artists from a myriad of backgrounds and cultures will display works of art that rejoice technique and vision, inspiring people to think outside the box – proving that creativity is without limits! In a way unseen before in the capital, “Now That’s What I Call Art” will act as a personal development opportunity for individuals visiting it rather than just an exhibition. It is suitable for those of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and artistic capability.

               This exhibition celebrates not only ideas but also the ability to turn dreams into reality. It is suited therefore not just to art enthusiasts and collectors, but to the community at large – to seek inspiration and solace and indulge themselves in happiness and hope by giving them all the chance to own of these amazing artworks themselves.

                Laura I. Gallery is based in Abbey Road, Barking, and was inaugurated by Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and the Leader of Barking and Dagenham Borough Council, Councillor Darren Rodwell, in 2016. The gallery has already hosted several curated exhibitions including the highly successful “Blessings of Life” and “Codes of Faith”. The gallery is widely recognised as one of the most exciting new art spaces in London.

                Founder and Director Laura Iosifescu is herself an ambitious and talented artist, having created the world’s first wearable art made entirely from paint, “Blossom Escape”. Laura said of the upcoming exhibition “I believe that people only exert half of the potential they have. This exhibition is designed to bring in artists to push boundaries and look to exceed their capabilities. In 2017, a time where sadly, so many people around the world are being dehumanised, we long to embrace humanity and showcase our intentions and achievements.

                 “Now That’s What I Call Art” celebrates not only ideas but also the ability to turn dreams into reality. This exhibition has been curated with our local community in mind and I invite all, no matter their artistic background, or lack thereof, to come and seek inspiration!”


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