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Tag: Framed

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  • African wild dog

    Categories:Under £500

    Ink on 250gsm paper this African wild dog is mounted in a vintage frame.

    Unframed dimensions: 15cm x 25.5cm

    Framed dimensions: 32cm x 40cm

  • Lake Annecy

    Categories:Under £500

    This A4 acrylic landscape is Autumnal bliss distilled and framed.

  • Sale! Wheel out the prop lions

    Wheel out the prop lions

    Categories:All Artworks

    A acrylic painting about the outer vs the inner, the image of ourselves we project and the version/s of us that remain hidden.

    When it comes to the pain and suffering of others we can complain, tweet and share endless megabytes of information, but when a hand in need is outstretched to us, do we take it, find an excuse or slap it away?

    Unframed dimensions: 36cm x 36cm

    Framed dimensions: 62cm x 62cm

  • Spectre spectator

    Categories:Under £500

    A mildly unsettling and surreal photo montage, created by sacrificing several beautiful vintage books and magazines.

    Unframed dimensions: 19.5cm x 22cm

    Framed dimensions: 35cm x 38.5cm

  • Pomegranate à main

    Categories:All Artworks

    This framed slice of Lyon is also a play on words.  At 23cm x 17cm this intimate illustration is a flash of colour on any wall.

    Ready to hang in its 30cm x 36cm up cycled wooden frame.

    All artworks are ready to post within two working days of purchase.

  • Satan’s Dog

    Artist: Bela Balog

    Artwork title: Satan’s Dog

    Medium: mixed media, intallation art with LED lighting

    Size: 96 x 59 cm

    Year: 2023

  • Nexus


    Artists Name:  Sue Nicholas
    Title:                  Nexus

    Medium.           A3 acrylic painting on high quality bonded paper. Labelled and signed on back.
    In a white frame with Art glass that is glare and uv resistant for conservation purposes Size:                   43cms w x 33 cms height.

    Date:                  2022

    The drawing is best hung using on two screws.  The framed product is expertly packaged for sale.

  • Crowded urban space

    Artist: Nafiseh Jafary
    Mix media:watercolours, collage

  • Wish

    Artist: Nafiseh Jafary
    Contemporary art
    Mix media: collage .pencil colour, watercolour on cardboard.
    It has wooden frame .
    It is ready for hanging.
    Size without frame :23×20cm
    Size with frame: 34×32

  • Eye

    Artist : Nafieh Jafary

    size with frame: 32 ×34.5 cm

    size without fram: 20× 23 cm

    Wooden frame

    Ready for hanging

    The difference in people’s view of tradition in the world

  • Butterfly and Flower

    1. Artist:Nafiseh jafary
      Pencil colour on cardboard
      Metal framed with glass
      Realism painting
  • Gossamer

    Tracy Whiteside, GOSSAMER, Manipulated Photography, 2022, printed to order – see below

    24×36″ edition of 5 for $1,250 each – ON AUCTION
    16×24″ edition of 10 for $600 each
    12×18″ edition of 15 for $300 each

  • Healing

    Naasirah A Ramjan
    Oil on canvas

    19.68 x 25.59 inch

  • Light in city

    Nafiseh Jafary
    Drawing, Pencil / Watercolour / Collages on Cardboard
    Dimensions 32×34.5 cm
    Dimensions of the work alone, without framing: Height 20cm, Width 22.5cm
    This artwork is framed (wood Frame + Under Glass)

  • Butterfly

    Artist Name: Nafiseh Jafary
    Artwork Title : Butterfly
    Medium: Pencil colour on cardboard
    Size: 19×15 cm without frame

    wooden framed


  • End of Era

    Naasirah A Ramjan
    End of Era
    Oil on canvas

    19.86 x 23.62 inch

  • Gentle sunset on the coastland


    Artist Name: Tanbelia
    Title of Artwork: Gentle sunset on the coastland
    Medium: acrylic, foam, acrylic texture paste, artistic slime paint on a stretched canvas.
    Year: 2021