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Agota Bričkutė
Agota Bričkutė

Agota Bričkutė

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  • I unconditionally believe in the power of our subconscious. In order to represent both subjective and collective spiritual experiences, I use the principle of automatic drawing in my creations. Thus, my paintings acquire traits of surrealism as well as the aesthetics of a dream.

The art of Agota Bričkutė reveals attention to portrait and landscape genres, improvisation of colors and forms, the desire to visualize her emotional world and create an authentic artistic reality.

The fundamental subject of her symbolic paintings is a face. Through portrait, the painter depicts her inner reality. Instead of a direct repetition of reality, the artist chooses to create a new artistic reality, where the portraits do not represent specific individuals, but rather express internal self-portraits.

Particular attention is dedicated to abstract landscapes that look timeless and universal. The nature of the landscapes are usually represented through the simplification of form and usually mirror the artist‘s mood. According to A. Bričkutė, she seeks nature for spiritual solace.

The artist‘s works are recognised by their distinctive formal elements (bright colors, abstract forms, deconstruction, stylization) as well as recurring motifs (faces, elements of nature, nude body representation) and intertwined traits of Surrealism, Symbolism and Pop art.

Edvard Munch, Francis Bacon, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Emilly Carr, Maxim Fomenko.