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JC Parente
JC Parente

JC Parente

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  • JC Parente works with painting, sound, sculpture and video, exploring the inner dialogue between the real, the unreal and inner and outer dimensions; exploring notions of perception as a reflection of the desire to be.

Artist Statement


JC Parente

JC Parente is a fine artist currently working in the U.K.

Throughout his life, he’s always been fascinated by nature and the supernatural realms of existence. It was during his early years that he began to cultivate his interest in arts and later would further develop his skills by opting to take a master’s in Fine Arts. He doesn’t attempt to portray actual plants, animals or people, he does attempt to reflect their true nature through his work and this is what brings it to life. To Jose, life has more meaning with the essence of nature in it.

What does he want to say with his art?

“Celebrate life in all its splendour, observe the impressions that nature leaves on us and on the world that often go unnoticed by many. See the beauty in everything and pay attention to the smallest details being transformed from the ordinary into the extraordinary. To be outside in direct contact with nature enhances the connection with the sublime.

To be surrounded by the beauty that pays tribute to mother nature is to reconnect with the innate nature of our true being”.