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Candies from the Book of Life


Candies from the Book of Life

By Claudiu Mladin

Categories: All Artworks, New Artworks, Paintings,

  • Certificate of Authenticity: Provided by the Artist
  • Medium: acrylic on canvas
  • Material: acrylic, Canvas, Linen
  • Size: Vertical
  • Signed: Signed on the front
  • Style: Figurative, Illustration, Pop Art, Street Art, Surrealism
  • Subject: Children, Classical mythology, Culture, Family, Fantasy, Pop Culture/Celebrity, Popular culture, Religious, Unique

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Candies from the Book of Life


In this¬†fantasy society, in the¬†Candyland Universe, from the Book of Life series, this work depicts a happy scene with the Scroll Master picking up a new scroll, with an abundant candy supply¬†and friends, all celebrating a new story coming out of the Book of Life.¬†Executed in acrylic colours and iridescent acrylics on linen, the painting is 65×85 cm on linen fabric stretched on a supported wooden frame ( the extra fine linen fabric is manufactured by the exquisite Italian manufacturer Leonardesca ).

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