Between 07/12/2022-31/12/2022, Laura I. Art Gallery CIC is hosting an unmissable online Christmas auction, the proceeds of which will be halved between our deserving artists and projects – the driving forces behind our gallery’s mission to catalyse community cohesion and change through art. 

Currently In Auction

We have specially selected an eclectic array of artworks for our auction, the bidding for which will begin at just £10!

This means that you could own an exquisite original work of art to last a lifetime, for a fraction of its original price and this could not come at a more perfect time –  making for a timeless and exquisite Christmas gift, that would only increase in value, in every way.

Most of all, you will be taking home the knowledge that your artwork is bringing light and life to beyond just your living space and into the lives of our artists and our projects: For this auction, we have platformed the artwork of artist who use their practice as a vessel for their own visions of social justice; who initiate projects or even just inspire us to think about the important social issues surrounding us today and your participation in our auction will allow them to keep going.

The profits our gallery will receive will allow us to do the same, but on a bigger, organisational scale; the profits will be circulated into the community, where it is most needed, currently channeled through our incredible and invaluable Noah’s Ark project, which has simultaneously tackled pollution, isolation and accessibility within the arts with the litter-picking and personalisation of thousands of plastic bottles, for their eventual instillation in an amazing Ark sculpture. 

The importance of tackling these three issues cannot be overstated and, thus, nor can the importance of your support, as the statistics speak for themselves:

  • A recent study by the British Heart Foundation found that Barking and Dagenham was the 8th most polluted place in the UK (BHF)
  • One Borough Voice found social isolation to be one of the ‘big crosscutting issues in Barking and Dagenham” (OBV)
  • The End Child Poverty coalition found that nearly half of children in Barking and Dagenham were living in poverty in 2018-19 (ECP), meaning that access to arts, which is often notoriously economically exclusive yet proven to benefit children developmentally and emotionally, would be limited. 

As a non-profit organisation, the funding we received has thus far allowed Noah’s Ark to stay afloat, but the support of our auction can allow it to flourish; extended and expanded into schools, other communities, and beyond!

So come and join us for an elegant evening of amazing art, for amazing causes!