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13 Roses , oil on canvas 130×80 cm


13 Roses , oil on canvas 130×80 cm

By Claudiu Mladin

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  • Certificate of Authenticity: Provided by the Artist
  • Medium: Oil Paint on Linen
  • Material: Canvas, Linen
  • Size: Vertical
  • Signed: Signed on the front
  • Style: Figurative, Fine Art, Photorealism, Portraiture, Realism
  • Subject: Classical mythology, Controversial, Education, Fantasy, Pop Culture/Celebrity, Religious

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13 Roses , oil on canvas 130×80 cm


“13 Roses” 130 x 80 cm oil on linen, is the gift of transformation, when the illusion ends and masks come off, a new emerald light comes to heal the past and the Raven is a friendly guide to the new cycle which is about to begin.

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