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Red feathers , oil on canvas 85×65 cm


Red feathers , oil on canvas 85×65 cm

By Claudiu Mladin

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  • Certificate of Authenticity: Provided by the Artist
  • Medium: Oil Paint on Linen
  • Material: Canvas
  • Size: Vertical
  • Signed: Signed on the front
  • Style: Figurative, Photorealism, Realism, Surrealism
  • Subject: Animal, Pop Culture/Celebrity

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Red feathers , oil on canvas 85×65 cm


The work is part of the series of bird portraits “Superstars Identities” and this subject is about that red spot standing out of the common, out of the normal world, having embedded in the feather’s texture the flag – a metaphor of the cultural imprint for the rest of the world in our civilization. I used oil paints on canvas 65×85 cm, the work has the allure of a realistic portrait filled with colourful graphic brush strokes.

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