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“Hey You !”, acrylic & oil on canvas 160×80 cm


“Hey You !”, acrylic & oil on canvas 160×80 cm

By Claudiu Mladin

Categories: All Artworks, New Artworks, Paintings,

  • Certificate of Authenticity: Provided by the Artist
  • Medium: acrylic on canvas
  • Material: Canvas
  • Signed: Signed on the front
  • Style: Figurative, Fine Art, Photorealism, Realism
  • Subject: Animal, Nature, Pop Culture/Celebrity, Unique

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“Hey You !”, acrylic & oil on canvas 160×80 cm


This work is part of the “Superstars Identities” series, of bird portraits that follow different iconic identities resembling superstars of our culture. The Royal character in our society is portrayed here with a slight pale wind displaying the iridescent blue feathers in a pleasant texture along the neck, while the portrait catches the entire attention upon the hypnotic gaze of the royal peacock, bringing up the feeling of greatness and marvelous in our life.

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