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Steven Haddock
Steven Haddock

Steven Haddock

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  • I feel that art gives me a freedom of expression. Escaping the world and life around me. Whilst allowing my emotions and feelings to colourfully translate, I how I feel to the viewer.
  • Motorhead

    I was given this canvas of Lemy, from Motörhead. And when I got home with this black & white photo print. I decided to put it upon my easel. I then played Lemy & his more famed Motörhead songs. Like “Ace of spades”. Whilst getting acquainted with Lemy and his music, full whack. Started to paint the connection with his music & bring the canvas, to life.

  • Sk8ter

    Sk8ter is a vibrant. Stencil piece. Capturing a skateboarder grinding on the rail.

  • Air

    In this piece. The skateboarder is grabbing air on the half pipe. And eclipsing the sun.

  • NYC Cabs

    NYC Nights, capturing the hustle, bustle spirit of NYC nights. Where to?

  • Ray pk.

    I worked from a photograph. That I took in Ray pk., Woodford, Essex. Near where I live. I Then edited the warming photograph of a family. Walking with their dogs. Under the canopy of the trees. And painted this abstract image with spray cans on canvas.
    Capturing the joys of parklife.

  • Clubscene

    This original acrylic painting. I was once told depicts a young Micheal Jackson & a young David Beckham. At a night club. If you could imagine that was possible, lol.
    It’s truely a painting of some 90’s clubbers from DJ magazine back in the day. caught in-between the strobe.

  • One

    This piece was inspired by Minder 80’s tv show. Showing how you can come together & share beliefs/ ideology. To work for the greater good.

  • Freedom

    Freedom is a piece, about breaking free & being who you are or wanna be. Using the metaphor of debt, which we all are a custom too.

    Size: 100cm x 40cm x 2.5cm
    Artist: Steven Haddock
    Media: Acrylic on canvas.

  • Ravers in the woods

    This was really a photographic piece, which I felt need more life, to it. So I added by stencil. Sliver, white & chrome ravers. With pink light effects. To give this image life. In a magical pixy land style.

    Title: Ravers in the woods.
    Artist: Steven Haddock
    Media: Spraycan on canvas.
    Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm x 2cm (Approx).

  • Postcard from London

    This painting was created using spray cans . Using a photograph I took as reference. From the vantage point of the Tate Modern, crossing the bridge to St. Pauls Cathedral. It appeared, so much like a postcard. I couldn’t help but cheekily write something, someone may put on the flip side upon the front. To communicate this. In this unique original.

    60″ x 30″ x 1.5″

    Spray paint on box canvas.